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What should our meetings be like in the church?

Author’s email: davidwdyer@yahoo.com

Dividing the Soul and the Spirit Living by the Holy Spirit is the only way to please God.

Author’s email: davidwdyer@yahoo.com

Raising Children Raising children in the kingdom of God, some important concepts..

God's Money

How we handle money in the kingdom of God is extremely important.

Author’s email: davidwdyer@yahoo.com

The Way Of Cain
Many claim to serve God, but are they offering Him what He asks for?

Author’s email: davidwdyer@yahoo.com

Three Essential Principles
Key principles to having more of God

Author’s email: davidwdyer@yahoo.com

Cage Of Birds As a cage is full of birds, so their houses are full of deceit...

Author’s email: davidwdyer@yahoo.com


1-  Sending you the very best blessings.Had the privilege of reading your book. The whole concept of God's interest for my life, just opened up my eyes.